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200 supported to become job-ready

Almost 200 veterans and serving Armed Forces have benefitted from an ongoing partnership between Help for Heroes and City & Guilds/ILM, which awards all qualifications as a gift in kind.

Having received career support as part of their ongoing recovery journey, those affected by Service have gained qualifications in Employability, Horticulture, Creative Techniques, Health and Safety in a Construction Environment, Light Vehicle Maintenance (in partnership with Mission Motorsport), Coaching and Land Based Studies.

Glyn Cassidy, 45, achieved an Award in Land Based Studies in 2016 while taking part in Heritage Heroes, a project run in partnership between the Canal and River Trust and Help for Heroes. After being diagnosed with heart disease and undergoing major heart surgery while still serving, he recognised that his military career could not continue as it had and set out, with the support of Help for Heroes, to prepare himself for medical discharge.

As a result of his newly found land-based skills and qualification, when Glyn left Service in May 2017, he already had a civilian job lined up and started work with Keiron Beattie Landscaping the very next day. After a few months, Glyn moved onto another land-based job with hopes of gaining more qualifications to move into land management, but difficulty with his hands and hospital tests which diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists meant he had to reassess, and with a heavy heart decided to move into a less physical job. Although no longer working in a land-based role, he credits the canal project for helping him gain new employment.

Ronnie Allen, Head of Career Recovery at Help for Heroes, said: “Without the support of City & Guilds and ILM we would not be able to consistently deliver and award qualifications in programmes like Heritage Heroes to help those who have been affected by Service, and in many cases seen their careers come to an abrupt end, become job-ready once again.”

Source: Help for Heroes