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Three-quarters of adults in England back free personal care for over-65s

Independent Age is calling for free personal care for all those who need it in England, who are aged 65 and over, to help solve the social care crisis. In new polling carried out by YouGov exclusively for Independent Age, the majority of adults in England would support paying more in tax or a lump sum to fund free personal care.

According to the YouGov poll of more than 2000 English working-age adults (from a GB-wide sample), almost three-quarters (74%) of adults in England support free personal care for everyone who needs it, with more than two-thirds of adults in England (69%) agreeing that they would be willing to pay more tax to provide free personal care for all, either through a small increase in Income Tax (27%), a small increase in National Insurance (25%), a new small tax for people aged between 40 and retirement age (11%) or paying a lump sum on retirement (6%). This overwhelming support is consistent across political leanings, gender, age and region.

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