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Architects Benevolent Society - Architects Benevolent Society
Last updated March 2021

Architects Benevolent Society launch #MyThirdLockdown campaign

#MyThirdLockdown aims to encourage the architectural community to share experiences in the form of stories, pieces of music, art and more.

As restrictions begin to ease there is hope that our old ‘normal’ will begin to return over the next few months. This, in itself could bring new feelings of anxiety, and we are all still feeling the effects of uncertainty over the last year.

Over the next few weeks the Architects Benevolent Society will be sharing lockdown experiences from their community in the form of stories, pieces of music, art, recipes and more. Anything that has meant something to them over the last few months.

These shared experiences can be a therapeutic way to de-stress and improve mental health but can also help connect with, inspire and support one another.

The charity are encouraging their community to get involved with the campaign by sharing and responding to their experiences on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MyThirdLockdown.

Source: Architects Benevolent Society