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ABTA Lifeline’s Thomas Cook Appeal

ABTA Lifeline raised £100,000 at the Travel Convention in Tokyo for former Thomas Cook staff, where over 9,000 employees lost their jobs when the company went into administration on 23 September 2019.

Many are now relying on food banks. Some are single parents, some couples who both worked for Thomas Cook, some were on maternity leave, some on sick leave or supporting another sick member of the family. Some had done over 40 years’ service for a company they loved.

Many were told they would have to wait 6 weeks for their wages and redundancy pay; 6 weeks for benefits. The result for many has been devastating. For those fortunate to find jobs quickly, they will still have to wait for their first pay packet and still have bills to pay. For those not so lucky they will fall increasingly into debt; some may face losing their homes.

LifeLine responded immediately by providing emergency financial assistance; supermarket vouchers for those most in need to be able to put food on the table. And with Citizens Advice Manchester, established a dedicated telephone helpline to get people the right benefit advice that they need.

However, this is just the start of the support that is required. We know that over the next few months some former staff are going to struggle paying their rent and mortgages. Over the last two weeks LifeLine has been swamped with enquires and applications for help.

At the Convention the charity received some £60,000 in corporate donation pledges. Combined with the cycling, football, bowling, raffle and auction they have raised approximately £76,000.

Source: ABTA Lifeline