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ACO and ACF Merger - 3D illustration showing two groups building a jigsaw causeway
Last updated November 2015

ACO & ACF in talks

The two umbrella bodies that represent grant-making trusts and foundations in the UK have agreed to start talks on how they can collaborate further to improve support services to their members.

Building on a history of close joint working, ACF and ACO have agreed to explore ways of enhancing our membership offers and strengthening voice and representation for our respective sectors.

Our two boards will be looking more closely at opportunities for collaboration over the summer, prior to reporting on progress in October.

No details are available on the outcome of discussions which are at an early stage.
Although both organisations support grant-makers, they serve different memberships:

ACO supports organisations that give grants and welfare support to individuals in need;

Some ACF members make grants to individuals, while others fund and work in partnership with a diverse range of organisations and people; from community groups, charities and social enterprises to museums, hospitals and schools.

Dominic Fox, Chief Executive at ACO said: “ACO has done a lot of work in the past twelve months improving its support to members. This is an opportunity to continue and develop the support on offer.”

Carol Mack, Deputy Chief Executive at ACF said: “The two organisations have shared offices for over two years and in that time built up a strong and positive working relationship. We share members and organise joint events”. 

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