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Boardroom - Boardroom

ACO holds first virtual AGM

Given the current impracticalities of holding physical events, ACO’s 73rd AGM, which took place on Thursday 18 June, was ACO's first online event of this nature.

The AGM webinar recording can be accessed Here

With 38 attendees joining the AGM, the event commenced with Chairman D’Arcy Myers opening proceedings and welcoming participants, prior to Treasurer Tom Bull providing the financial report for the year ending 2018-19.

Donal Watkin then provided his Chief Executive report, focussing around ACO's response to the Covid-19 crisis, contingency planning and a range of proposed post-Covid initiatives to maximise the profile and reach of benevolent funds/grantmakers during the start of the economic recovery.

The following resolutions were approved:

  • Treasurers Report/Annual Accounts 2018-19;
  • Re-appointment of Neil Finlayson (Moore Kingston Smith LLP) as Independent Examiner;
  • Re-appointment of Board Trustees D’Arcy Myers, Caroline Aldred and John Brown for a further three-year term;

In confirming the re—appointment of the three Board Trustees, D’Arcy Myers also paid a special tribute to former Trustee Clemmie Cowl - who was retiring from the Board as of the AGM – praising her significant contribution to ACO during her term in office.

 For any queries relating to the AGM content, contact