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ACO News

News and announcements from the Association of Charitable Organisations, including organised events, meetings and our work on your behalf.


  • Survey - Survey
    Covid-19 Members' Survey - Results

    In June ACO emailed charity members a survey looking at how charities had responded to the Covid-19 pandemic so far. The questions asked charities to provide details of changes made to their operations, as we as details about support provided to beneficiaries during the pandemic since lockdown began on 23 March, comparing this to figures for support provided over the same period in 2019.

  • Boardroom - Boardroom
    ACO holds first virtual AGM

    Given the current impracticalities of holding physical events, ACO’s 73rd AGM, which took place on Thursday 18 June, was ACO's first online event of this nature.

  • Video Call - Video Call
    How we ran our first virtual AGM

    Several members have expressed an interest in how ACO went about running our first virtual AGM, where members might soon find the need to do the same. Below are some considerations and learnings from our experience.