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Guest Articles

Articles written by our charity and corporate members on important topics of the day.


  • Richard Stapley - Richard Stapley
    Member Spotlight: Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust

    Sir Richard Stapley was a British businessman, politician and philanthropist active in the late 1800s / early 1900s. Not having a university education himself, he was keen to enable others to do so, and more generally to promote educational achievement.

  • Interview - Interview
    Recruiting corporate trustees

    Who do you need on your Board of Trustees right now? What skillsets are missing – a HR expert, perhaps someone with digital experience, maybe a marketing specialist? Ideally someone who has working corporate knowledge, maybe from a recognisable company brand, who can bring their bigger thinking into your organisation and help you grow/develop to that next stage further.   I want to pose a debate on the recruitment of a Trustee and suggest some ideas as to how to approach this differently.

  • Video Call - Video call
    Recruiting senior roles remotely - Allen Lane

    Recruiting during Covid-19 has presented its own set of challenges, talking to Rebecca O’Connor at Allen Lane it is clear that by being agile and responsive, they have been able to maintain business as usual whilst still delivering high standards of client and candidate care.