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Policy News

News subjects related to UK legislation and guidance, with links to accompanying documents and details useful to ACO members and their clients.


  • Online giving - Conceptual image of coin slot in a computer keyboard key
    FR new rules for online fundraising

    The Fundraising Regulator has published new rules and guidance outlining the responsibilities of online fundraising platforms. Guidance has also been produced to help the general public who want to raise funds using these platforms to ensure they do not inadvertently breach the Code.

  • 1 in 10 MPs in England believe the social care system is fit for purpose - Nurse talks to elderly patient in wheelchair
    NHS Health Check for dementia risk

    Healthcare professionals in GP surgeries and the community will soon give advice on dementia risk to patients as part of the NHS Health Check. People over 40 in England will be given advice on dementia as part of their free NHS health check.

  • Disability assessment - Nurse checks wheelchair user's leg
    Concerns over DWP cash incentives

    The DWP has announced it is developing in-house IT capacity for medical assessments after the Commons Select Committee received thousands of accounts of shoddy, error-ridden reports that have slipped through the net.

  • Jobcentre - Closeup of jobcentre branding
    Rolling out Universal Credit

    A recent report from the National Audit Office says here is no practical alternative to continuing with Universal Credit. It recognises the determination and single-mindedness with which the DWP has driven the programme forward to date, through many problems.

  • Charity Annual Returns - Image of calculator and spreadsheet
    Charity annual return 2018

    The Charity Commission has published guidance on how you can prepare for the 2018 annual return service, which will be available this summer.