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Last updated June 2019

Policy News

News subjects related to UK legislation and guidance, with links to accompanying documents and details useful to ACO members and their clients.


  • Complaints report from the Fundraising Regulator - Graphics from the report
    Complaints report from the Fundraising Regulator

    The report brings together learning from investigations into complaints about charity fundraising with data on fundraising complaints. It includes key themes and a range of investigation summaries, to share learning and highlight the cases dealt with.

  • Healthcare - Doctor speaks with patient in wheelchair
    Survey of experiences of personal health budget

    NHS England has commissioned a survey, closing 14 May 2019, to gather feedback about people’s experiences of personal health budgets and integrated personal budgets. It is open to all current or previous budget holders and those who support them, including those who responded last year, and, for the first time, will separate out wheelchair budgets from other types of PHB.

  • Social Care - Closeup of elderly person in therapy session
    Further delay to social care green paper

    Whilst Brexit has played a part in delaying the document, issues with the early proposals put out for consultation has also contributed to the slow progress. The long-awaited document will consult on policy ideas such as: a more generous means-test, a cap on lifetime social care charges, an insurance contribution model, a care ISA and tax-free withdrawals form pension pots.

  • Amber Rudd - The one and only
    Government response treats Committee “like dirt”

    The Work and Pensions Committee has published a follow up report to the government’s response to its own report on support for childcare as a barrier to work under Universal Credit.

  • Taxation - Closeup of desk items including a calculator with Tax+ and Tax- buttons
    Small trading limit increased

    From April 2019, the government increased the upper limit for trading that charities can carry out without incurring a tax liability to £80k. This will allow charities to undertake more trading activity before a trading subsidiary is needed and raises a rate unchanged for almost 20 years.

  • Brexit - Graphics showing france and southern england with scissors and dotted line where to cut
    Stop ‘no deal’ planning, officials told

    Thousands of civil servants have reportedly been told to halt £4bn planning for a “no-deal” Brexit after the EU granted Britain an extension. An email from a civil servant obtained by Sky News said the government would “wind down” no-deal planning, which had been allocated £4bn in funding.

  • Inspiring Impact - Graphics from the website
    Impact made simple

    Inspiring Impact has launched a new website aiming to make good impact practice the norm by creating a culture of continuous improvement among voluntary organisations. It supports people who work and volunteer for charities, funders, and social enterprises across the UK, providing free online resources, peer learning networks, and grant funding.

  • Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 - Graphics prepared for the campaign
    Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

    Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 will take place from Monday 13 to Sunday 19 May 2019. The theme for 2019 is Body Image – how we think and feel about our bodies.

  • Disclosure and Barring Service - Closeup of certificate
    Changes to enhanced disclosure application

    From 6 May 2019, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) will be implementing a change to the enhanced disclosure process. This change will mean that DBS is no longer able to amend enhanced applications that have been submitted with missing or incorrect information in key areas of the application

  • Online Safety - Two young boys play computer game
    UK to introduce online safety laws

    The Online Harms White Paper sets out the government’s plans for a package of online safety measures, comprising of legislative and non-legislative measures, and will make companies more responsible for their users’ safety online, especially children and other vulnerable groups.

  • Fraud - Fraud alert message visible on laptop screen
    Invoice fraud

    Invoice fraud is where a fraudster, posing as an existing supplier, asks for changes to be made to the banking details you hold for them in your organisation’s payment system.

  • Door Knock - Mans Fist bangs on door to home
    Regulator should oversee the bailiff industry

    The government should introduce new regulation for the bailiff industry to ensure that people in debt are treated fairly, says the Justice Committee in its report “Bailiffs: Enforcement of debt”.

  • The Garden Bridge - Proposals for the London Garden Bridge
    Cloud Cuckoo Land

    The Garden Bridge project was a high profile and expensive failure. Significant sums of public money were spent on a footbridge for London which never materialised. That failure involved a registered charity, the Garden Bridge Trust. This has led some to question the Charity Commission’s regulatory oversight of the Garden Bridge Trust.

  • The Financial Conduct Authority - Signage at the organisation's London Office
    Government orders FCA inquiry into LC&F

    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has been ordered by the government to launch an independent review of how it handled the collapse of London Capital & Finance, the investment firm at the centre of a financial scandal.

  • Universal Credit - Login window for Universal Credit online portal
    Citizens Advice launches service for Universal Credit

    Citizens Advice has launched a new service called “Help to Claim” for those who need help applying for Universal Credit. People will now be able to get support from the charity as they submit their Universal Credit application to get their first full payment.

  • Statistics - Stylised image of screen with line charts
    Remember A Charity launches new research

    Presenting new research into the UK legacy marketplace, new research looks at legacy income to the top legacy-earning fundraising charities in the UK, covering the growing UK legacy fundraising market, national comparisons for England, Scotland and Wales, legacy income by cause, and perceptions of legacy fundraising

  • CAF Charity Landscape 2019 - Infographic from the report
    CAF Charity Landscape 2019

    Formerly known as the Social Landscape report, this year's survey reveals a complex mixture of hope, fear and resilience; against an ongoing backdrop of uncertainty and change.