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ACO News

News and announcements from the Association of Charitable Organisations, including organised events, meetings and our work on your behalf.


  • Toynbee Hall - Main reception desk at the redeveloped centre in Aldgate
    ACO Office Move

    ACO has moved to a new office in Aldgate East next to Toynbee Hall on 30th October 2019

  • ACO Default Image - The ACO logo
    Dominic Fox: Farewell to ACO

    As Dominic says goodbye to ACO he shares with us some key moments from his nine years as CEO, as well as some thoughts for the future. 

  • CAB Conference Banner Web - CAB Conference Banner Web
    ACO at CAB Conference

    ACO, alongside a small group of representing members, is exhibiting at the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) Annual Conference in Manchester on 18 and 19 November 2019.

  • Chemists Community Fund Logo - Chemists Community Fund Logo
    Member Spotlight: Chemists' Community Fund

    Our Benevolent Fund was founded in 1920 in memorial to the members of the Institute of Chemistry who had died in the First World War, the purpose of the Fund was to provide support to members and their families. Today the Chemists’ Community Fund continues to assist the current and past members of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), as well as their partners and dependents, through life’s challenges. We are looking forward to celebrating our 100 year anniversary next year.

  • Newton Charity Survey 2019 - Newton Charity Survey 2019
    2019 Newton Charity Investment Survey

    Charities’ investment decisions are increasingly being influenced by issues such as climate and sustainability, as they start to see the financial benefits of engaging with companies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. These are among the conclusions from Newton’s latest survey of leaders and decision makers in the UK charity sector.