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Member News

News relating to the activities and work of our ACO charity members. Please contact us if you would like to add news about your organisation here.


  • Teaching staff - Attractive female model poses as teacher
    TST merges with SOSS

    The trustees of the Teaching Staff Trust (TST) and the Society of Schoolmasters and Schoolmistresses (SOSS) have concluded negotiations for the two charities to merge under the TST name and brand.

  • Grocery Aid - 2018 Impact Report - Graphics from the report cover
    GroceryAid publishes first Impact Report

    GroceryAid has published its first Impact Report revealing that employers have become the charity’s primary referrer – an important milestone as awareness in the grocery industry grows.

  • Jelly Babies - Close-up of sweets in ordered rows
    H4H Limited-edition Jelly Babies

    100 years on from the end of the First World War, Maynards Bassetts is partnering with Help for Heroes for a very special anniversary. In celebration of the end of the First World War in 1918, George Bassett & Co. produced Peace Babies – what would later become the confectionery classic we all know as Jelly Babies.

  • Liz Stokes and Alex Mann -  New faces at Help Musicians UK
    New faces at Help Musicians UK

    Help Musicians UK has appointed Liz Stokes as Communications & PR Manager and Alex Mann as External Affairs Manager. Liz and Alex join the charity in these newly created roles within the Communications team to work under Indy Vidyalankara, Head of Strategic Communications and Christine Brown, Director of External Affairs and Business Development.

  • Independent Age - Graphics from the report cover
    74% back free personal care for over-65s

    Independent Age is calling for free personal care for all those who need it in England, who are aged 65 and over, to help solve the social care crisis. In new polling carried out by YouGov exclusively for Independent Age, the majority of adults in England would support paying more in tax or a lump sum to fund free personal care.

  • World Suicide Prevention Day - Graphics for World Suicide Prevention Day
    World Suicide Prevention Day

    People still believe suicide is something that will never affect them, but the stark figures on suicide suggest otherwise, and World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th aimed to make people realise that every single one of us has a part to play.

  • Ship at sea - Merchant ship navigates a stormy sea
    M/V Derbyshire memorial

    Merchant Navy Welfare Board Chairman Capt. Andrew Cassels and Chief Executive Peter Tomlin, attended the Derbyshire Family Association memorial service at the Liverpool Parish Church in September, remembering the 38th year following the sinking of the M/V Derbyshire and the loss of all 44 lives on board.

  • Alicia Chivers - The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution's Chief Executive
    R.A.B.I appoints new CEO

    The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I.) has appointed Alicia Chivers as its new chief executive. Alicia will take over from Paul Burrows in November 2018.

  • Horses and stables - Two horse led by their trainers outside stables
    Racing’s Occupational Health Service

    Racing’s Occupational Health Service, operated by Racing Welfare, received its national launch in September 2018. The service offers a framework for the management of the physical and mental wellbeing of all those working in the racing and Thoroughbred breeding industries.

  • Know your lemons - ‘Know your Lemons’ campaign graphics
    Know your lemons

    Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK. However, 33% of women still aren’t checking their breasts on a regular basis and 20% say they don’t know how or what to look for.

  • ‘Fighting until the End’ - photo capturing an abandoned yacht at Cart Gap on the Norfolk Coast
    UK’s Ultimate Sea View of 2018

    National maritime charity, the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, has revealed the results of its annual photography competition showcasing the UK’s coastline and its associated people and industry.

  • Smallwood Trust - The Smallwood Trust logo and an image of a smiling mother with her young child
    Women First Innovation Fund

    The Smallwood Trust has awarded £180,000 of grants for 20 new projects across England. The grants are awarded under the Women First Innovation Fund that was launched earlier this year and is part-funded by the Tampon Tax Fund.

  • Turn2us Logo - Turn2us Logo
    Turn2us Grants Evaluation

    In order to continually improve how they help people, leading researcher nfpSyngery evaluated Turn2us’s direct grant-giving services. The final report was a huge endorsement of the funds’ impact, reinforcing key elements that make Turn2us stand out in the charity sector.