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Guest Articles

Articles written by our charity and corporate members on important topics of the day.


  • Working from home - Working from home
    After the gold rush: the long term prospects of flexible working

    Sarah Bull and Andy Bird from Wilsons LLP outline some of the key considerations for continuing to allow employees to work from home after the pandemic.

  • Boardroom - Boardroom
    Culverwell Consulting - Is your premises ideal?

    When it comes to managing the organisation, charities are no different from businesses and need to think the way the best businesses think, to optimise their activities. After all, efficiency in a charity is vital.

  • First Aid - First Aid
    Griffiths & Armour - Guidance for First-Aiders during COVID-19

    Administering first aid effectively will continue to be a vital part of any organisation's health and safety action plan. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic and as businesses start the process of welcoming staff back and reopening, adapting to the new working environment and distancing measures should also include how you and your colleagues who are trained as first aid responders will facilitate first aid in the workplace.

  • Office - Office
    Griffiths & Armour - Is my Building Ventilation safe?

    As many organisations start to reoccupy their premises post-lockdown, there are many areas to consider to ensure your workforce is safe. Griffiths & Armour’s Risk Management team discuss practical measures your organisation should have in place below.

  • Member Spotlight - IQBF

    The Institute of Quarrying Benevolent Fund (IQBF) was established in 1925, eight years after the development of the Association of Quarry Managers, now the Institute of Quarrying.

  • Sleep - Sleep
    Sleep disorders, the silent epidemic?

    Expert commentary from Sleepstation (