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Never More Needed - Never More Needed

ACO supports the #RightNow campaign

The ACO is supporting the charity sector’s call for more government support in the form of the #RightNow campaign – the new campaign from #NeverMoreNeeded.

The ACO has signed an open letter to Government and is taking part in the #RightNow day of action on social media taking place on Wednesday 17 February.  

The sector received some initial support from government during the first lockdown, but it wasn’t enough and many organisations have been forced to close or are having to cut the support they provide just when it is most needed.

The situation is critical, which is why together we have created an open letter addressed to the Prime Minister urging the government to create an Emergency Support Fund as soon as they can. We want to get as many people as possible to sign the letter, which I why I am reaching out to you to see if you would be willing to put your name to it publicly. The more people we get to sign the letter, the more attention it will get and the greater leverage it will create for our campaign.

It is hoped this Emergency Support Fund would be aimed at those organisations who have missed out on government funding so far, which is why it may be of particular interest to ACO member charities. 

As well as publishing the letter, #NeverMoreNeeded are also coordinating a social media campaign, encouraging as many supporters of the voluntary sector as possible to share a post on 17 February that outlines what they, or voluntary organisations they support, are doing right now to support communities and make a positive difference.

How you can get involved

The #RightNow campaign is looking for as many charities and voluntary organisations, and their supporters, to get involved in three main ways:

  • Have your organisation sign the open letter for Government and complete the consent form:
  • Share posts about the vital work your charity is doing on social media on 17 Feb using the #RightNow and #NeverMoreNeeded hashtags, and encourage your followers to do the same.
  • Send stats and stories on the breadth, depth and impact of the work you are doing that could support the campaign to Tilly at

Over the next couple of days the Never More Needed website will be updated with campaign content and social media assets which can be downloaded to help with your posts, so please keep an eye on this website. 

For more details and examples on getting involved, you can download the briefing campaign document Here or view the briefing webinar at (Password: #NeverMoreNeededFeb2021).

For any other questions about the campaign, please contact Tilly at