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Last updated September 2017

ACO website development

As part of the new ACO operational plan we are working on some changes to our website, including a new look and revised navigation system.

The current ACO website was last updated in 2014 with a new look and feel together with the introduction of a responsive framework that meant it was clearly dispayed on smaller screens like tablets and mobile phones.

Anticipating the increase in content on the site as part of our 'digital first' strategy, we will be overhauling the navigation system making it easier to find content quickly.

To take account of the improvements to modern browsers and device capabilities we will also be upgrading the coding that makes it possible, giving us the perfect opportunity to re-design some elements of the site, including the colour scheme, which will make it clearer and easier to find just what you need.

The anticipated launch date will be towards the end of the year. If you have any suggestions or comments to help shape our update then please get in touch using the Contact us page

ACO member pages

Our intention is in line with the 'Best Kept Secret' PR project aimed at promoting participating member organisations to the public as well as being a resource for grant seekers if required. The page will have the facility to include images and video.

We will encourage member organisations to provide an introduction based on the Charity News Review 'Member Spotlight' feature with a summary of each participating charity's purpose and who they assist, the areas of operation, how to donate or get involved, grant giving details including typical awards, persons or organisations eligible, the application process, areas of expertise to promote collaboration between ACO members, advertisement of volunteering opportunities and sharing as proposed by the International project.

We will also include any contact information and the facility to send a message via contact form, with address, website, and social media accounts.

Whatever your individual decision on participating we will continue to carry over current member detail into the new data store. As a result all members will have basic information available as already currently exists.

ACO fighting fraud!

We continue to receive reports from members about organised fraud on their charitable funds. To help members keep abreast of the latest fraudulent approaches, and harness the power of our network, we hope to build your resilience against this growing problem with an early warning system powered by ACO members.

We will be creating an online fraud reporting system, available to ACO members only. Once submitted and checked, the information will be added live to a dedicated page on the site, and we'll also send an alert via e-mail to ACO members on the Fraud Alert mailing list.

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