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Last updated November 2015

ACO implements a new database for an improved service to members

“It’s great seeing contactLINK able to make such a difference to an organisation that, in turn, works with so many others that are making a real difference … with real people” – Massimo, ITsorted.

ACO's previous database had served us well for a number of years, but it had its limitations and was unable to cope with the planned expansion, re-branding and the new services being offered to members. We began to look around for something more professional and better suited to our needs. We were fortunate to discover that our neighbours, London Funders, were using such a system, contactLINK, through a company called ITsorted

We emailed ITsorted in April this year and by May we had imported all our existing data into contactLINK, had a day's training on its use, and have been using the new database ever since. It is designed specifically for the voluntary sector, with many features such as events management and contact history, but as all organisations are varied we had our version customised for our specific needs. For example: We added a feature to upload our list of members to our new web site and developed an efficient way of keeping track of potential new members. Customised reports have been added to enable us to keep track of subscription payments more efficiently and categories have been created for all the various sub-groups within the ACO membership. We also have mailing lists specifically designed for our newsletter & member contact without any limit to the number of people we can now reach.

If you are interested in finding out how your organisation could benefit from this professional, easy to use database contact Massimo Giannuzzi at ITsorted:

01364 649290 or or web site

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