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Last updated July 2017


As part of our new operational plan ACO has determined it will take a “digital first” approach. This will add a new dimension to our communications to a variety of existing audiences and expand our reach far beyond.

Thanks to the rapid development of free and cheap applications ACO will be able to use existing technology to give us the best opportunity in years to expand our support to members and promote your work to the public and policy makers.

One way to describe this is imagine a journey from an analogue world to a digital one. Analogue-to-digital conversion is an electronic process in which a continuously variable (analogue) signal is changed, without altering its essential content, into a multi-level (digital) signal.


We will redesign our website, adding new features, reorganising content and focusing on ACO standards/best practice guidance for charities supporting individuals.

We will offer the use of a “home page” for members on the ACO site where members can provide any level of detail relating to their work, post news and guest articles and provide downloads. You will be able to promote your work to potential beneficiaries and use this facility to generate applications if you wish.

We want to encourage greater communication among our members and facilitate more digital networking through the setting up of a commenting platform. This will permit the direct commenting on a page by page basis by any visitor to the site, and will either replace or compliment the forum as an online means of user-to-user communication. Users will be able to continue threaded dialogues between themselves. ACO will moderate and monitor activity and evaluate feedback from members.

Charity News Review

The plan envisages continuing publication of Charity News Review (CNR) as an emailed pdf for the foreseeable future which will be available alongside new digital offerings. We will monitor member preferences on formats so do let us know what you think.

We are launching a new online newsletter so in a short while you will have a choice of formats delivered to your inbox.

Social Media

In the autumn ACO will start building a presence on social media, promoting the work of our members and reaching out to potential members telling them about ACO and its work. We will be able to tell you more about this in the next edition of Charity News Review.


Please let us know what you want from ACO as we develop our plans for digital. We would love to hear your ideas and feedback about our plans so please get in touch!

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