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April 2019 changes

A roundup of changes being implemented at the start of the 2019 financial year

Payslip changes

There are two important changes to the Employment Rights Act 1996, affecting pay slip information, which will come into force on 6 April:

  • Employers must include the total number of hours worked where the pay varies according to the hours worked, for example under variable hours or zero hour contracts.
  • Payslips must be given to 'workers' and not just employees.

Flexible working introduced in the armed forces

From April regulations will amend the terms of service of enlisted personnel who are not commissioned officers to allow for two types of flexible working. Part-time working allows personnel to agree days on which they are not required to be available for active service. "Service on a restricted separation basis" enables restrictions to be placed on the number of days on which personnel can be required to perform duties away from a specified place. The two types of flexible working are known collectively as "flexible service."