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aQmen Charity Insurance - Graphics from the organisation's website
Last updated December 2020

aQmen Charity Insurance

aQmen Ltd can give you free access to Mywave Connect, a one-stop source for not just insurance but all your risk management, compliance, HR, safety, wellness and other business needs.

aQmen have partnered with Zywave to provide this portal. All the content is written by their team of experienced legal advisors and professional writers. Receive emails announcing new content, tailored to the charity sector. And if you have any questions—at any time, feel free to contact aQmen for specific advice.

Take control of compliance


Find everything you need to make sure you’re in compliance with regulations, written in plain language by a team of experienced advisors.

Legislative Q&As

Get answers to your compliance questions on a variety of legislative topics by checking out the Q&As in the portal.

Forms, notices and disclosures

In addition, to help you execute on your compliance duties, we also provide a range of forms, notices and disclosures required for various compliance deadlines and legislation.

Access workplace policies and forms

Safety manual/Employee handbook

Putting together a safety manual or employee handbook and gathering relevant policies is a daunting task—find everything you need in MyWave Connect. Just search “policy” to find a wide range of sample policies for your employee handbook, or access our comprehensive, customizable Safety Manual.

Common forms

Also get access to a number of common forms, from return to work, hiring, recruiting, performance management,benefits administration, claims, and job-specific forms—and much more

Manage industry-specific exposures and risks

Industry exposures

Each industry has unique exposures, risks and liabilities. Find materials specific to your industry—including risk management education, coverage explanations and employee safety resources—by typing your industry into the search bar. (And don’t forget to customize your preferences in the “Settings” by industry and location, so you always see the resources most relevant to you!)

Manage open enrollment start to finish

Find all the resources you need

From employee communications to benefits summaries to forms (and more), just search for “open enrollment” for all the resources you need for open enrollment season from start to finish

Create and maintain a safety culture or wellness program

Supporting your safety or wellness program

Whether you’re just getting started or need help maintaining an existing safety or wellness program, MyWave Connect has all the resources you need, from informational articles to comprehensive guides to employee surveys.Benchmark surveysSee how your programs stack up to similar employers by checking out the benchmark surveys available on the portal, completed each quarter by thousands of employers across the country.Employee educationFrom monthly newsletters to safety posters to wellness flyers, we have all the employee communications you need to support your program.

Find what you’re looking for

Just about everything can easily be found in MyWave Connect via the search bar. If you’re having trouble finding anything, or have a question about the portal, don’t hesitate to contact aQmen for specific advice.

To get started contact Elaine Denny: