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Benchmarking Report 2014 - Scene showing graphs and charts printed out and on screen
Last updated August 2015

Benchmarking Report 2014

ACO in Partnership with Turn2us have published a revealing report about charitable practice . The report will enable charities to review their performance against similar funds in the sector and be an invaluable tool for impact measurement and future planning..

The Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) in partnership with Turn2us, has commissioned a new overview of activity by Trusts and Foundations providing assistance to people in need. The research is a unique insight into the vital work of the UK's grant-giving charity sector, and provides detailed information and a greater understanding of how the sector operates and an evidence base for measuring improvements in grant-giving across the sector. 

In a time of growing need and economic uncertainty this research will be useful to anyone thinking about civil society responses to delivery of support and services, future developments and how we can better support the sector by addressing some of the challenges and opportunities identified at every level of operations. We hope that individual charities will use the research findings to inform their own developments to services, collaborations and processes to help people struggling in financial hardship.


Icon Benchmarking Report 2014


ACO in partnership with Turn2us have published a revealing report about charitable practice and future planning. Enabling managers to plan for the future and measure their performance against the rest of the sector.

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