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Small Charity Week 2019 - Graphics from the website

Big Support Small campaign

The new campaign has been launched by the Small Charities Coalition (SCC) as a part of Small Charity Week, which began 17 June, calling on larger charities to support smaller ones.

The campaign, Big Support Small, has been established to showcase examples of support between charities of different sizes and encourage others to do the same. The SCC has produced a toolkit offering practical suggestions for how larger charities can support smaller ones and examples of those who have already done it.

In a statement, Lizzie Walmlsey, head of communications and external affairs at the SCC, said: "We think the sector is at its best when we work together and learn from each other, amplifying what we all do. That’s why we’ve developed our Big Support Small campaign.

"We’re kicking the campaign off by asking bigger charities and their supporters to explore the vibrancy of the sector and celebrate it."

Actions the campaigns suggests large charities can take to demonstrate their support range from tweeting work they’ve already done with the hashtag #BigSupportSmall and sharing the SCC donation page, to filming a short video sharing tips or taking a counterpart at a small charity out for coffee to offer advice.

The campaign also suggests large charities could do chief executive swaps, sign up to mentor small charities or encourage staff to become trustees of smaller charities. Walmsley said the campaign was a "devolved campaign", one that allowed others to do what they wanted to promote it.

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