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Blue plaque for Edith Smallwood

In December 2018, the Mayor of Malvern unveiled a blue plaque in celebration of the life and work of Smallwood Trust’s founder, philanthropist Edith Smallwood. Miss Smallwood dedicated her life to helping women in Worcestershire and beyond. Significantly, this plaque will mark one of only 14% of blue plaques across the country that honour women.

Miss Smallwood, the daughter of a Yorkshire banker, inherited a large sum of money at the age of 16 and believed passionately in helping those less fortunate than herself. She founded the Smallwood Trust, then known as the Society for the Assistance of Ladies in Reduced Circumstances, and began collecting additional sums of money to benefit women who, through ill-health or old age, were unable to support themselves. She also encouraged these women to help themselves by selling items of needlework such as embroidery, knitting and tapestry.

Miss Smallwood’s incredible legacy lives on today. The Trust’s mission is to enable women on low incomes to be financially resilient; it does this by providing grants for both individual women in need, and organisations that support women, either through local projects or policy work aimed at improving economic outcomes for women.

Source: Smallwood Trust