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Britons "overwhelmingly negative" about growing older

This report looks at ageing societies and their challenges and opportunities. The media have obsessed about “Millennials” as disruptors, but in fact ageing – which will affect every generation – is having even larger effects.

Rising life expectancy and falling birth rates mean populations around the world are getting older. It is portrayed as a “narrative of decline” – not a time of opportunity and change.

The report reveals that many Britons are “overwhelmingly negative” about ageing. Ipsos MORI’s global study, conducted in partnership with the Centre for Ageing Better, shows that just 30% of UK adults say they are “looking forward to getting old”.

Data included in the report shows that only 38% of people in the UK expect to be fit and healthy in later life, while nearly a third say they are concerned about losing their mobility as they age.

The study also shows that 50% of UK adults say they worry about getting old and a quarter feel that TV, film and advertising make later life seem “depressing, with limited opportunities”.

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