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Buttle UK publish survey results

Child poverty charity Buttle UK have published the findings of their survey investigating what it is really like for children growing up in poverty in the UK in 2019.

Over 1,200 child support workers, who interact with the most vulnerable children and young people daily, were surveyed to find out their experiences of working with children in poverty. While these individuals are used to seeing child poverty on a daily basis, their feedback illustrates the extent of some of the challenges that families face.

The survey results highlight how often children have to survive without basics. Support workers report that 54% of families being supported are living in destitution, and nearly three quarters of these support workers (74%) have seen an increase in that number in the last year. 49% of support workers see families who are working but are not earning enough to make ends meet more than once a week, and 21% of workers see this on a daily basis. Nearly 100% said they saw families experience issues of rising debt, delays due to Universal Credit and cuts to welfare services to some extent, but 30% reported they see families experiencing all of these problems daily.

Source: Buttle UK