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Last updated December 2020

Why refer to grant-giving charities?

Would you like to help find money for your clients that they don’t need to pay back? Our charity members are here to make your jobs easier. Your clients only need to be a current or former employee of a certain occupation, part of a membership body, group, or have a family member that is, to be eligible for support from our charity members.

What is the ACO?

The Association of Charitable Organisations is the umbrella body representing over 120 UK charities that provide support to individuals in need. Our members offer financial support to those that reach out to them in the form of grants, but also offer other services ranging from legal and employment support to mental health and support services. 

Why are we at the CAB conference?

We want to raise awareness of the hundreds of charities out there, many of which you may not have heard of, that are there to provide support to your potential clients. We are at the conference to help you discover a charity that may be able to support a client that calls you in need of assistance. 

Many of our charities are called “benevolent funds”, established hundreds of years ago but needed more than ever today to help people in need. They offer financial grants to help in a wide variety of situations, with money given at short notice when needed urgently.

Circumstances where people can apply include support with living costs and extra costs when life-changing events occur, such as an illness or disability with the client or a family member, or a job loss or redundancy. Charities can help pay for unexpected bills or household repairs, for furniture or white goods, or for childcare costs and school supplies. Some also offer mental health and wellbeing support, career assistance, legal advice, and friendship services to combat loneliness.

Applications are usually judged on a case-by-case basis, and these are just a few examples of support offered. Our charities are there where benefits and local services cannot be. They can help when people: 

  • Cannot access other help as they are employed but not earning enough to make ends meet. • Have delays accessing benefits or are facing benefit sanctions. 
  • Have difficulties applying or receiving Universal Credit.
  • Have just started a new job and are waiting for their first pay cheque.
  • Are facing emergency or urgent situations. 

How to find support for your client -The Turn2us Grants Search

Millions of pounds in grants are available to help pay for education, debts, disability costs, household appliances and more. The Turn2us Grants Search is a one-stop-shop of over 1,500 charitable grants.

You can search by age, location, profession, medical condition and other criteria. Use it now to find out what you or your client might eligible for:

Charity directory

Download a directory of our charity members below to discover a charity to help your clients. 

This includes all ACO charity members that offer support, sorted by the client’s current or former occupation. If your client, or one of their family, has ever held one of the listed occupations, or been a member of the following groups, they may be entitled to grants and other support. 


Icon CAB Conference ACO Member Directory

Marketing Resources

A directory of ACO's charity members that provide support to individuals in need, organised by the types of individuals they support - by occupation and group.

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