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CAF Charity Landscape 2019

Formerly known as the Social Landscape report, this year's survey reveals a complex mixture of hope, fear and resilience; against an ongoing backdrop of uncertainty and change.

Income generation remains the number one challenge for organisations, followed by meeting demand for services and reductions in funding. This comes at a time when over four in five charity leaders state that demand on their organisation’s services had increased over the last 12 months.

Charity leaders see technology as a double edged sword – nearly all think that technology will help them to innovate and find new ways to do good, but nearly three quarters believe that technology will change the nature of the problems that charities have to address.

Few charities are optimistic about government support for the sector, and most think that over the next five years government will see them as a nuisance for criticising their policies.

Most charity leaders think that the sector has been badly impacted by negative media coverage, and that people do not understand the importance of charities.

Charity leaders tend to be more optimistic about the future of their organisations than they are about the sector as a whole.

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