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Mental Health - Mental Health

The Care Workers’ Charity launch wellbeing guide

In celebration of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, The Care Workers’ Charity have announced they have joined forces with the team behind the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo to launch a digital Wellbeing Guide for the social care sector.

The Wellbeing Guide utilises the vision and expertise of both the organisations’ in supporting the social care workforce. Inside there are a variety of tips for positive mental health, guidance on how to apply for our Mental Health Grant, and additional support and signposting.

Karolina Gerlich, our CEO says; “The Care Workers’ Charity hope that this guide will go some way to help social care workers look after themselves and their wellbeing. The incredible work that care workers across the country deliver each and every day under unimaginable pressure takes its toll on their mental health. Our Charity is passionate about supporting the social care workforce through our financial grants, and more recently, our mental health support programme – and we hope that this guide will promote their wellbeing still further. Myself, and The Care Workers’ Charity team continue to be in awe of the extraordinary role care workers play in supporting the wellbeing of others and hope that their own wellbeing is supported in return.”

Source: The Care Workers’ Charity