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Celebrating Nurses Day

Cavell Nurses’ Trust were encouraging people to bake a difference, and join their Raise Your Whisks campaign and host a bake sale during the week of 5th May, from International Midwives’ Day until International Nurses’ Day.

Raise Your Whisks

Cavell Nurses’ Trust called on the nursing community across the UK to come together in May to celebrate International Midwives’ Day and International Nurses’ Day by hosting bake sales throughout the week to raise vital funds for nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants in hardship.

Cavell Nurses' Trust teamed up with Dr. Oetker, who provided recipes and baking essentials to be included in their free fundraising kits. They were encouraging participants to share news of their bake sales, recipes and their baking creations using the hashtag #RaiseYourWhisks on Twitter.

Source: Cavell Nurses’ Trust