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Solicitors Charity 2  - Solicitors Charity 2

Changes at The Solicitor’s Charity

The charity has changed their name from SBA – The Solicitors’ Charity, to The Solicitors’ Charity and have undergone a website refresh to help them deliver their mission with greater clarity and success.

On the changes, the charity has commented:

Since 1858 our charity has been known by different names, (The Solicitors’ Benevolent Association and SBA being the most recent), but our purpose has never changed, we’re here for solicitors when times get tough.

The Solicitors’ Charity works at the very heart of our profession providing financial assistance and emotional and practical support to solicitors when they need support to get back on track. Our central aim is to make a permanent impact and positive change to the lives of the people in our profession who ask us for help.

Evolving our name is just the start. We will be sharing news of our expanding range of support and information for the profession on this website and via digital communication.

Source: The Solicitor’s Charity