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School Uniform - School Uniform

Charities launch back to school grants

GroceryAid and Racing Welfare have launched grants to reduce the financial impact on parents working in their industries when children go back to school in September.

Grocery Aid

In a recent survey by The Children’s Society, it was reported that increased school uniform costs are leaving many low-income families struggling to cope and forced to cut back on food and other essential items. The report also highlights the impact on children wearing the wrong uniform that includes pupils being bullied, feeling left out, or even excluded from school.

To help, GroceryAid has launched a School Essentials Grant to help families purchase the school necessities required for the start of the new school term. The grant is £150 per school-aged child if the applicant can evidence that they are in receipt of Child Benefit and meet the eligibility criteria. The grant will close on the 30th September or when the fund has been used, whichever comes first.

“GroceryAid’s School Essentials Grant will help to alleviate some of the financial strain on low-income families at the start of the new school year, particularly in these unprecedented times. On average families spend around £337 on secondary school uniforms each year with primary school parents paying as much as £315 a year per child”- Mandi Leonard, GroceryAid Welfare Director

Source: GroceryAid

Racing Welfare

Racing Welfare have recently announced it will be providing 'Return to School' grants to ease the financial burden on the racing industry's families. The grant will be awarded at £100 per child up to a maximum of four children per family.

The grants are available to those who currently work (or who have lost their job/work due to Coronavirus) in the thoroughbred racing and breeding industries and who have dependent, school age children (4-18 years).

This grant is awarded:

• To assist with return to school expenses such as uniform and educational equipment.

• To prevent financial difficulties for families with dependent school age children.

To be eligible for support, parents must be working or be self-employed in the industry for a minimum of one year, or have lost their job or work or be on furlough, within the last year.  Furthermore, they must be living on or below the Joseph Rowntree Foundation Minimum Income Standard and be in receipt of Child Benefit.  The window for grant applications will be open until 30th September 2020 (or sooner if all available funds are used before this date).

Source: Racing Welfare