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Charity COVID-19 Appeals

The outbreak of COVID-19 will impact everyone’s lives, but there are some key industries that will be severely impacted by social distancing measures. We want to highlight some of the key appeals and campaigns from charities looking to support the most disproportionately impacted and vulnerable people during this time.

The economic impact of coronavirus has led many to face uncertainty as shops, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, bars, airlines, hotels and more close around the country, leaving many unable to work. Those on zero-hours contracts and gig economy workers may also not be protected by the same rights as other workers or entitled to statutory sick pay.

Our member charities are working around the clock to offer financial support, advice and wellbeing assistance to those affected by COVID-19 across multiple sectors and sections of society.

This is also a time when traditional fundraising (involving events or speaking to people face-to-face) will not be an option for charities that need funds to help the increasing numbers of people in need of support. It is therefore important we share their campaigns so they can support more people in need at this difficult time.

Below are some campaigns our charity friends and members need support with:

The National Emergencies Trust mobilise in times of national crisis to raise funds from the public and distribute donations directly to charities and bodies that can support victims. 

On 18 March the National Emergencies Trust launched their first appeal to raise funds to help local charities support those individuals suffering hardship as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The appeal has been launched in partnership with the British Red Cross who will be managing donations. The Trust will then award grants to ensure the funds reach those who need it most across the UK.

Donations can be made at: or through the following online giving platforms: Just Giving, Go Fund Me, Virgin Money Gives, Good Launch, Muslim Giving.

The National Emergencies Trust will distribute money raised through a number of charitable organisations, for example, local Community Foundations, to ensure it reaches those who need it most. Those partners will work within parameters agreed with NET to help identify the greatest need and distribute funds with both care and speed wherever possible. Individuals and charities should not apply directly to the NET for funds. Local charities should contact their local Community Foundation to apply for funding.

NET are also looking for secondees to assist them at times of crisis, and to build its network of charities and local community foundations to work with. Find out more.

Turn2us has launched an emergency crisis appeal "Stand Together" after receiving a 520% increase in pleas for help from people facing financial devastation due to coronavirus.  A projected one million people are expected to lose their jobs, and almost three million people have already had their pay or hours reduced. The Turn2us Coronavirus Appeal will provide crisis grants to help people who are unable to work and who need money to pay bills or make essential purchases. Find out more.

The RMBF is the UK charity for doctors, medical students and their families. With the COVID-19 epidemic, tens of thousands of doctors are bravely standing between the virus and the most vulnerable in our society. They are facing the unprecedented challenge of being exposed to high levels of personal risk and long hours in difficult environments clad in PPE.  We need to do everything we can to support our incredible NHS doctors and have launched an appeal in response. Find out more.

COVID-19 could have a lasting impact on the British horseracing industry. We know that this is a very challenging and uncertain time for everyone, and for Racing Welfare the financial impact has been severe. The charity is experiencing a significant drop in income as fundraising events and activities have been cancelled, with no idea when they can be restarted. They are looking at a loss of fundraising income in 2020 of around £500,000. 

Racing Welfare has also had to change how they support beneficiaries as face-to-face contact is no longer possible. All this whilst already helping many more people who are in crisis as a direct result of Coronavirus and we expect to help even more people as the number of cases rise.

Their appeal has been kick-started by a wonderful donation of £50,000 from a prominent figure within racing who wishes to remain anonymous but they still have a long way to go. You can support them by donating on their Just Giving page and sharing it with your friends and families. 

The Rainy Day Trust has launched a fundraising appeal to support its new COVID-19 support programme.  The Charity supports workers and retirees from the home improvement industry, including those working in builders merchants, DIY, housewares and garden centres.  Vast tracts of the workforce are on minimum wage or on zero-hours contracts.  Retirees from low paid jobs are struggling on small pensions.  

The virus is affecting people who are now are struggling even more because of school closures or having to self-isolate.  The Rainy Day Trust is receiving growing calls for help, and has devised a 'fast grant' of £250 to meet immediate financial needs, followed by a second grant 4 weeks later of the same amount, giving people back a little self-esteem. We also wrap around our debt advice service and free telephone counselling.  Importantly, we are offering applicants a one-hour free legal consultation to help them deal with the loss of their job if it is required.

With over 1 million people in our footprint, we are experiencing an unprecedented demand for our support. Visit Rainy Day Trust's website to find out more. 

The Hospitality industry’s charity Hospitality Action has launched a COVID-19 emergency appeal.

The coronavirus has been incredibly difficult for the hospitality industry, with many hospitality businesses having to close temporarily, and lay off some or all of their staff, or reduce working hours and pay. 

Hospitality Action has been inundated with requests for help and support from these employees who are facing incredible hardship, many of them unable to pay bills and put food on tables.

In order to try to help these employees, the charity launched an emergency fundraising appeal to try and build a significant fund of money so that they can introduce an emergency one-off payment to eligible hospitality workers directly impacted by the coronavirus.

Find out more and donate Here.

The charity that provides financial and emotional support to all theatre workers Acting for Others came up with a great idea to raise funds for those impacted by entertainment venues closing. With many receiving refunds for theatre tickets, they were encouraging people on Twitter to donate the price of their refund (or part of it) to the charity.

On Friday 20 March at 7pm Eugenius! the musical was streamed online on the Eugenius! Facebook page to also raise money for the charity. Find out more Here.


The Drinks Trust has launched a fundraising appeal to support those that worked in now closed bars, pubs and other drinks industry colleagues. 3.2 million workers in these industries now face employment uncertainty as a result of social distancing measures.

As well as offering financial support to those in need, the charity hopes donations can provide specialist mental health support to those in their industry, as well as increasing the capacity of their helpline to meet demand.

        Find out more and donate.


The travel industry has had a difficult time with the recent collapse of Thomas Cook and Flybe, and other airlines asking employees to take unpaid leave as a result of COVID-19. The travel industry’s charity ABTA Lifeline has been working tirelessly to support those now unemployed with financial assistance and food vouchers to help people get by, but need support more than ever at this time.

        Find out more and donate Here.

COVID-19 is of considerable worry to older people, who are more likely to get seriously unwell from the virus and are being recommended to self-isolate.

Older person’s charity Independent Age is encouraging communities to come together to support the older generation at this time. They are encouraging people to download resources and postcards so you can help an older person at this difficult time by doing something such as helping them do their shopping or offering a friendly chat. Find out more.