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Charity Fraud Awareness Week 2018

Charity Fraud Awareness Week promotes openness and honesty about fraud. It brings together everyone involved in the charity and not-for-profit sectors to raise awareness and share good practice in tackling fraud and financial crime.

This is the second annual Charity Fraud Awareness Week, aiming to help you increase resilience against fraud. The main aims of the week are to:

  • raise awareness of the key risks affecting the sector
  • promote and share good counter-fraud practices
  • promote honesty and openness about fraud.

Charity Fraud Awareness Week is 22nd–26th October and will include specific themes on each day of activity, including cyber-fraud, grant fraud, and the importance of due diligence and partnerships working to combat this form of crime.

Charities will also be offered advice on how to spot the warning signs of fraud, how to protect charities, donors, funders and beneficiaries, and how to report charity fraud to the relevant regulators and law enforcement agencies.

Charity Fraud Week has developed a range of e-learning resources and webinars for the week. These will be focused on specific risk areas, from 9.30am each day on the Fraud Advisory Panel website:

Monday 23rd October

Creating a counter fraud culture

Tuesday 24th October

Bribery and corruption

Wednesday 25th October

Cyber-fraud and identity fraud

Thursday 26th October

Fundraising fraud

Friday 27th October

Insider fraud and reporting fraud

Get the Fraud Awareness Week 2018 Supporters Pack and visit the Fraud Advisory Panel website