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Clergy Support Trust - Graphics from the website and logo

Clergy Support Trust launch strategy

Clergy Support Trust has released their strategy for 2019 – 2022, with the overriding goal to reach as many clergy families in need as possible.

Clergy Support Trust has announced the launch of a four-year strategy to 2022. The charity supports the wellbeing and health of Anglican clergy and their families, and its key strategic goals are to double the number of people helped over the next four years and to commit at least £12m in grant expenditure over the same period.

To achieve this, the charity aims to increase awareness of its work in the coming years, taking advantage of its new brand (announced in March 2019) and refreshed website, and launching marketing campaigns, including participation in ACO’s One Day Changes Lives initiative. Clergy Support Trust also seeks to develop new strategic partnerships with other organisations, and to promote research and thought leadership in the field of clergy wellbeing.

From July 2019 the range of grants offered will be expanded to include emergency, health and wellbeing grants, as well as support for debt relief. The application process will be simplified, and potential applicants will be invited to use an eligibility checker on the charity’s website.

Source: Clergy Support Trust