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Clergy Support Trust’s 365th Festival

Clergy Support Trust is to hold their 365th annual choral festival at St Paul’s Cathedral to celebrate the work of the charity.

Clergy Support Trust (formerly Sons & Friends of the Clergy) has been supporting Anglican Clergy and their families in need for 365 years. Each year this is celebrated with a service that uniquely features three cathedral choirs at St Paul’s Cathedral.

This began in 1655 when a group of sons of clergymen gathered for a service in St Paul’s Cathedral and a collection was taken for destitute clergy and their families. The service is an opportunity to give thanks to God for the work of the charity.

The Festival Service provides an occasion for bringing together representatives from the Church, City, commerce, public life and our supporters. This include the Bishop of London, Lord Mayor, Bishops, Livery Masters, Liverymen and many of the beneficiaries of the work of the charity.

This year, the choirs will be from Canterbury and Coventry Cathedrals, joining the St Paul’s Cathedral choir. A couple of beneficiaries will tell their stories of how they have been impacted by the charity, and this year the Very Reverend Stephen Lake, Dean of Gloucester Cathedral, will provide the address.

Tickets to the festival are FREE and can be obtained online via their EventBrite page or by contacting the Festival Coordinator on

Source: Clergy Support Trust