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ABS Chicken Run - ABS Chicken Run

Architects Benevolent Society's Cooped Up Chicken Run

The Architects Benevolent Society (ABS) are running their first-ever virtual chicken run from 4-11 May. They will offer a choice of activities that are safe and fun to do at home while raising funds for the charity.

Following the unfortunate cancellation of the 2020 Chicken Run due to COVID-19 the ABS team has been working to create alternative ways to bring the community together. The charity has therefore created a virtual replacement; The Cooped-Up Chicken Run.

The Cooped-Up Chicken Run is a virtual sports and wellbeing event running throughout the first week of May. Like previous years the option of wearing chicken related costumes is highly encouraged. There will be winners for best dressed costume, the practice/company which has the most staff sign ups and for each of the different sports activities. There will also be a children’s category for each event.

Participants can make a donation to the ABS which will enable them to enter as many of the sport activity events organised during the week as they would like to participate in. The charity is asking participants to photograph, video and record their times throughout the week to their social media. This way, they can spread the word and compete with others for the top spot! Participants can use #CoopedUpChickens when posting and tag the ABS in the post or email your submissions to

Sports activity events include:

  • The fastest solitary 5km run (following government advice)
  • The most consecutive press ups in a row
  • The longest continuous plank
  • The most skips in 5 minutes (counting out loud while doing it)

Winners of each event will be asked to send in video/app screenshot as proof.

Source: Architects Benevolent Society