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Cycling Furniture Makers raise £14,000

Eight members of The Furniture Makers’ Company have raised almost £14,000 for the charity by collectively cycling all three routes of Mont Ventoux in Provence (a regular feature of the Tour de France) in a single day.

The ‘Master’s Challenge’ was organised by Hayden Davies, who was joined by Ben Burbidge, Burbidge Kitchens; Kirsty Carnell, Martek; John Irwin, Tangent Furniture; Stewart Linford, Luxury in Wood Ltd; Graham Jones, Knoll; Daniel Mesecke, Martek; and Paul von der Heyde, non-executive director.

There are three routes up the mountain, which vary in length and difficulty – Bédoin (13.3 miles), Malaucène (13.1 miles) and Sault (16 miles). In order to complete the challenge, each member had to finish at least one of the ascents, with the team collectively completing all of them. After a gruelling day of cycling with the heat beating down, all of the members successfully cycled one ascent, with John Irwin and Daniel Mesecke finishing two. However, Graham Jones pulled out all the stops to be crowned ‘King of the Mountain’ by completing all three in under 10 hours.

Hayden Davies said: “What a fantastic few days it was. Two days’ cycling across Provence with the sun on our backs and then a full day all working as a team to conquer Mont Ventoux. Even ‘the Giant’, as it is known by the Tour de France, gave us benign conditions. At the end of that day, as we sat on the summit, I think we all felt on top of the world – in more ways than one. It is a memory that will stay with us all forever. I’d like to thank everyone who has sponsored us so far and helped us raise such a significant sum for the charity.”

Source: The Furniture Makers’ Company