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FOTE home welcomes children - and creatures!

Residents at the Retired Nurses National Home were delighted to welcome local primary school children to the home last week. But it wasn’t just the children who came to visit!

Chickens, owls, guinea pigs and lizards joined the reception class pupils from the primary school in Bournemouth. Residents were thrilled to welcome the children and their furry friends, which were provided by the Creature Teacher organisation. Both children and residents shared the experience of interacting with the creatures together during the intergenerational activity.

The visit was part of the official partnership between the local primary school and the Friends of the Elderly home. The partnership sees four and five-year-olds visit the home every Friday afternoon from January to July.

Resident Dot Holland said she had a wonderful time with the children: “Our Friday afternoon visits are a real highlight of my week. I love spending time with the children and the activities are fantastic.”

Another, Shirley Paine, said: “It’s wonderful! We do so many different activities and the children love it as much as we do. My favourite has been the Creature Teacher visit. Seeing the animals up close, especially the owl, was fantastic.”

Source: Friends of the Elderly