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Family Fund LGO - Family Fund LGO

Family Fund chosen as Charity of the Year

Local Government Ombudsman staff raise £6,700 for disabled children as Family Fund is their chosen charity of the year.

Leading disabled children’s charity, Family Fund, received over £6,000 this September as the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman’s (LGSCO) chosen charity of the year. LGSCO’s donation will support Family Fund’s work improving the lives of low-income families raising disabled or seriously ill children. Last year, they provided 89,101 grants and services to families.

Alan Park, External Training and Relationship Co-ordinator at LGSCO, who, like Family Fund, have offices in York, said: “We wanted to support a smaller charity with a local connection, and we went from an organisation that runs the odd bake sale, to plotting a whole year of fundraising events.

“Family Fund helped ensure all our staff knew the impact our donations were having, which then got more people wanting to get involved. It’s been an incredibly rewarding year.”

Source: Family Fund