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Family Fund iPad Training - user with iPad and Family Fund coffee mug

Family Fund’s iPad films

Disabled children’s charity Family Fund have created a series of 12 new instructional short films to help parents, children and carers of disabled children to use iPads safely and to their full potential.

Lasting around two minutes each, the films cover topics like setting up devices, managing parental controls and online safety. There are also three dedicated films for families with disabled children addressing how to customise accessibility features to meet touch, vision and hearing needs.

Last year Family Fund provided over 12,000 grants for computers or tablets, and over the last four years they provided free digital skills training to over 1,000 parents of disabled or seriously ill children, which have proved extremely beneficial.

Alison Davies, Head of Service Delivery at Family Fund, said: “These films go one step further, providing an online training resource that families can access and return to at any time, learning at their own pace. This is about equipping parents with basic skills, more confidence, and ultimately creating a greater benefit for children. We would encourage all those working with families who could benefit from guidance on making the most of iPad features to share these videos widely. ”

The full playlist of iPad training videos can be viewed on Family Fund’s Youtube account.

Source: Family Fund