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Film and TV Charity launch mental health community

The charity has launched a free online mental health platform, delivered by Big White Wall, for anyone that works behind the scenes in the film or TV industry.

The new service was created in response to beneficiary feedback that many wanted to talk more openly about how they are feeling. In a survey conducted by the charity, 86% stated they would feel comfortable supporting a peer who was struggling with their mental health. However, 1 in 10 of you said they often felt isolated and left out.

The platform was developed as a safe space where individuals can express their thoughts and concerns openly and anonymously.

As well as receiving support in group or one-to-one chats individuals can also access guided self-help courses that cover a range of subjects from managing mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, as well as problem-solving and assertiveness training. Self-assessment tools are also provided and track your progress on the platform.

Beneficiaries can seek the advice of both peers in and out of the industry as well as professionally-trained Wall Guides who monitor and support the community.

Source: The Film and Television Charity