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Film & TV wellbeing report launched

Are you smashing work, or is it smashing you? The Film & Television Charity has launched the UK industry’s first study into wellbeing and support for film and television professionals.

The study, titled Through the Looking Glass, is set to be the UK Film and TV industry’s largest ever mental health and wellbeing study. The charity hopes to gain a clearer understanding of the wellbeing of those working within the industry and how they can be better supported.

The announcement of the study follows the call for heightened regulations around reality television shows in light of recent events. Insight has been gathered from over 2,000 calls to the charity’s recently launched support line. Providing 24/7 advice and support for those within the industry on vital issues including debt, depression and harassment, this had prompted the organisation to further take action, to discover a fuller picture of the mental health issues faced, and begin coordinating an industry-wide response.

The study has begun gathering evidence through an online survey for all of those working within the sector. Industry professionals are asked to share their experiences by completing the survey, in the hopes of getting a clearer picture of the wider industry’s mental health and sense of wellbeing. Results, along with in-depth qualitative and quantitative research due to be conducted by The Work Foundation this summer, will be revealed in the autumn. It is hoped that this research will act as a catalyst for new practicable, scalable interventions that will better support those working within the industry.

CEO of the Film & Television Charity, Alex Pumfrey, said: “We know how much people love and are proud of their work in the film and TV industry, but the highs and lows can take their toll. This is why we are now working with the industry to face this issue. It’s time to establish a robust evidence base and piece together a true reflection of what’s really going on inside our sector, and the first step is our industry-wide survey. We are calling on everyone who works in film, TV and cinema to take part and share their experiences so we can get a true picture of the wellbeing of the industry and use this insight to create real change.”

Source: The Film & Television Charity