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Friends of the Elderly launch new campaign

‘It’s the little things’ is encouraging people to write a positive message of support to residents and staff during this time of isolation.

In March 2020 due to Coronavirus outbreak, Friends of the Elderly had to take the very difficult decision to close our care homes to non essential visitors as well as closing our day care services.

This meant that the care home residents started missing their usual interaction with their loved ones or relatives, local community, school children as well as our lovely volunteers who cheered them up every day. This is also the same for our befriending and day care service users who live alone in their own homes.

‘It’s the little things …’ will help to share positive messages with residents, care home staff, home care and day care centre teams and volunteers to connect them with their families, friends and local communities while they’re missing each other.

The charity would like you to share a positive message of kindness or perhaps a picture from your family that will let your relatives and our staff on the front line know just how much you care.

You and your loved ones can express your little things that matter about each other; whether to share your happy moments, love, appreciation and gratitude – or simply to show how much we value each other and are looking forward to spending time together again.

Below there is downloadable pdf of a blank message page where you can write your little things that matter and a #MessageofSupport.

Perhaps your family could draw a special picture or a message that will make them smile! There is a pack below which you can download to share with your friends and family.

Once you are happy with your ‘It’s the little things …’ message send it to us via email to We will share it with our care homes, our residents, and staff to share positivity and to look to the future.

Source: Friends of the Elderly