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Fundraising Code consultation opens

A consultation on the accessibility of the fundraising code is now open. It aims to ensure the code is a straightforward and practical tool for fundraisers and the public. The consultation looks at the style, presentation, clarity and accessibility of the code.

The Code of Fundraising Practice outlines the standards expected of charitable fundraisers across the UK. It is a key part of maintaining public trust and confidence in the sector, providing reassurance for the public that charitable organisations hold themselves accountable and that they will handle complaints appropriately.

The Fundraising Regulator gathered feedback on the Code in several ways since it launched in 2016, including feedback from their first consultation in February 2017, roundtable sessions with smaller charities, conversations with other regulators and bodies representing the sector, and queries and comments received from fundraisers and members of the public through our enquiries and complaints functions. That feedback has influenced the current review.

The consultation will run for 10 weeks and will close on Friday 16th November 2018.

Visit The Fundraising Regulator - Consultation on the Fundraising Code