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Last updated March 2018

February is GDPR Month at ACO!

What we are doing:

We've conducted an extensive member survey and asked you, our members, for your questions which we put to our expert speakers at the Grant Making Forum on Tuesday 27th February.

We have created this dedicated GDPR website page with the following resources:

ACO "GDPR Special Report" click here

ICARIS Guest Article GDPR click here

A series of briefings including:

  • "GDPR for Funders & Grant Makers - FAQ" - download below
  • "GDPR FAQs for Charities" - from the ICO - download below
  • Sample Privacy Notices: ACO's Privacy Notice
  • Sample Privacy Notices: GDPR Best Practice Privacy Notices - econsultancy blog
  • Scenario "ACO's journey to GDPR compliance" (available end of March)
  • "Key Findings from ACO Members Survey on GDPR" click here
  • Videos of our two speakers from ACO & ICARIS at the Grant Making Forum session 27 Feb click here
  • Powerpoint presentation "Preparing for GDPR" - by Alan Owen, ICARIS speaking at the Grant Making Forum - attached below

FREE Member Helpline - 01775 769354

ACO provides a free telephone helpline service from ICARIS Sentinel. It is available to ACO members for general queries concerning Data Protection in the UK. The Helpline is open on weekdays between 9am and 5pm, excluding bank holidays. Initial consultation via the Helpline is limited to 15 minutes. The purpose of the Helpline is to give general assistance based only on the background information that you provide during a call, to help you to deal with general queries or identify areas where further work or professional advice may be required and continued availability of the ACO member Data Protection helpline. More info on ACO's Legal Helpline here. Members are able to call more than once and we've had great feedback from members as to how helpful this service is.


Icon GDPR - Frequently Asked Questions for Charities - ICO

General Information

The ICO has produced a FAQs doc for Charities. March 2018.

Icon Preparing for GDPR - a Presentation by ICARIS to GMF 270218


Preparing for GDPR - a presentation by Alan Owen, Managing Director ICARIS, to ACO members at the Grant Making Forum 27 February 2018.

Icon GDPR for Funders and Grant Makers - Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Frequently asked questions from ACO members on GDPR for funders and grant makers. Answers kindly provided by ICARIS Sentinel, GDPR experts for our sector.

Please note you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later in order to ensure error-free viewing of PDF documents, including those available on this site. Download and install the latest version of the software from If your computer is not able to operate the latest version, previous versions that may work with your computer are available at

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