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Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics

GMF November 2019

At our Grant Makers Forum on 25 November we had Piers French from AO, Rita Chadha from the Small Charities Coalition and Joe Howes from Buttle UK all come to speak to our member charities.

Presentations are available to download at the bottom of this page. Please note Rita's session was an interactive session which did not include a PowerPoint presentation.

The speakers at this forum included:

  • Piers French (Director of Client, AO Business)

Piers joined AO as the Director of Client in 2018 to establish a B2B division within the UK’s largest online-only electricals retailer. A year on, we are proud that we now serve the customers of some of the UK’s largest charities, housing associations, home builders and insurers. Highlights have included launching a Housing Association-focused affordable rental scheme with L&Q, Accent Housing and Northwards to tackle high-cost credit.

Piers’ focus is on building supplier partnerships with and delivering social value to charities, housing associations and other not-for-profits. Electricals are essential items, everyone deserves access to affordable appliances. Prior to joining AO, Piers providing consultative support to companies within travel, healthcare and automotive.

  • Rita Chadha (CEO, Small Charities Coalition) 

Small Charities do not have the resources or capacity to be able to attract wealthy donors, apply for large grants or large commissions. As a result, they are often dependent on larger charities to assist. 'Big Support Small' was a campaign run by the Small Charities Coalition exploring the way larger charities can support smaller agencies with support in kind, access to resources. A total of 38 national charities signed up, and in the next iteration of the project, we will be exploring ways in which small charities can help bigger charities. The project has been challenging... 

Rita Chadha joined as CEO of the Small Charities Coalition in July 2019. She has previously both worked for, and volunteered for a number of local, national and international charities. In addition, she was until last month chair of a CVS in East London and is currently a trustee of three other specialist small charities.

  • Joseph Howes (CEO, Buttle UK) - Do we understand where we provide support collectively? 

We all know where we give support (and maybe where we don’t) as individual organisations. But what does this look like collectively? How do we know we’re not all working in exactly the same places and unknowingly ignoring others? If we understood this more, would we work differently? 

Joe will present what this looks like for a group of grant givers that have mapped their giving against wider research on ‘left behind’ areas in the UK and discuss with the group the value of pooling our data in this way. 

The ACO is grateful to the British Dental Association Benevolent Fund for supporting these events. 


Icon ACO Intro and Update


Introductory slides to the ACO Grant Making Forum led by Chair Donal Watkin, with an update on ACO's exhibition stand at the CAB Annual Conference and PR campaign One Day Changes Lives

Icon AO - Washing Machines aren’t life or death - but it’s close


Piers French from AO Business' grant making forum presentation from 25 November

Icon Buttle UK - Where do we provide support collectively?


Joe Howes from Buttle UK's presentation given at our grant makers forum on 25 November

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