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Gardens open for The QNI

In June, Matthew Bradby, the QNI’s Head of Communications, is opening his garden to the public, to raise funds for nursing and caring charities. This is the third year that he has opened his garden as part of the National Garden Scheme, which was founded by the QNI in 1927.

All funds raised will be donated to the National Garden Scheme, which last year raised over £3m for nursing and caring charities, including the QNI.

Matthew says: “Opening your garden to the public for charity is one of the most rewarding types of fundraising you can do. I'm never going to run the London Marathon, but getting your garden ready for an open day also takes a lot of preparation, if you think of all the weeding, pruning, mowing and nurturing that goes on in the months leading up to it. Last year's opening was challenging, as it took place in the middle of the longest drought since 1976 and also coincided with England playing Sweden in the World Cup. There was also a plague of caterpillars. I'm hoping that this year's challenges will be more easily overcome”.

Source: The Queen’s Nursing Institute See National Garden Scheme