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Gift Aid at record high

New government figures show gift aid claimed by charities reached a record high of £1.35bn last year.

The annual UK charity tax relief statistics update also shows that the total amount of tax relief claimed by charities in the year to the end of March increased by £100m to £3.79bn. The amount claimed in Gift Aid was a near £900m increase on 2017/18 and a big upturn in fortunes after three tax years in which Gift Aid income for the sector had plateaued.

Charities were previously told they were missing out on £560m of Gift Aid each year, with a report from HM Revenue & Customs last year suggesting that many donors had a poor understanding of how the system worked. The government also estimates that half of all Gift Aid was paid out to education, health or religious charities.

A Gift Aid awareness day was launched by the Charity Finance Group in October to improve understanding among charity staff and volunteers. Roberta Fusco, director of policy and engagement at the Charity Finance Group, said: "It’s good to see a significant increase in the amount of tax relief for charities, and particularly good to see an above-inflation increase in the amount of Gift Aid after a slightly disappointing couple of years.”

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