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Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
Last updated January 2020

Grant Making Forum

Meetings are held at the British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS, from 11am-1pm. This is a "Members-only" event, everyone is welcome and attendance is free.

Our quarterly grant-making forum is held to bring ACO members together to discuss changing needs and priorities in the sector. Members can discuss concerns they have with their peers, share their work or plans with other members, and we aim to have at least two expert speakers at each session to stimulate conversation. 

It is an opportunity for you to meet with your peer group and share issues in confidence. This helps build relationships between our members and has resulted in much information and knowledge sharing over the years.

Dates for 2020
  • Wednesday 26 February 2020
  • Thursday 11 June 2020
  • Tuesday 22 September 2020
All GMF meetings are followed at 1.30-3.30pm by the ever-popular Under Fives meeting for solo workers and members of small teams. All members are welcome and there is usually a mix of new members and long-term members.

Grant Making Forum and Under Fives - Wednesday 26 February 2020 (British Dental Association)

Our Grant Making Forums are free to attend for staff from any of our member charities. Please register Here to confirm your attendance, and please include any dietary requirements as a lunch will be offered.

Several members got in touch to say they wished to have the opportunity to say goodbye to former ACO CEO Dominic Fox as he retired at the end of last year. We have therefore invited Dominic to attend this Grant Making Forum, so any member that wants to say goodbye to Dominic and send him their best wishes can have the opportunity to do so.

Speakers at this forum include:

Bob Browell – Counter Fraud Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support

Bob will be covering what is and how to identify fraud within your charity, the different types of charity fraud and what Macmillan’s response to fighting fraud has been.

Bob has over 35 years’ experience of investigating, managing and reporting fraud in the public sector. Professionally he is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and is a qualified ‘Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist’ through Portsmouth University.

During his career Bob worked for several Government Departments before rising to become the Head of Counter-Fraud for the Skills Funding Agency. Prior to leaving the Civil Service he also worked closely with the Cabinet Office and the National Fraud Authority providing advice and guidance in their initiative to ‘Eliminate Fraud in the Public Sector’.

Prior to joining Macmillan Bob worked for the Hertfordshire Constabulary designing and introducing an effective Bail Management Process. Consequently, Bob possesses a wide range of specialist skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications relating to the fraud investigation environment which he is now utilising for the benefit of the charity sector.

Mark Burnett - CEO of Hope and May - International Data Protection Practitioners

The UK GDPR - New legislation that is 'designed to be British' - As we prepare to leave Europe the debate about domestic data protection rules and how they might evolve has picked up some pace. As a data practitioner, I know how hard legal and compliance teams have worked to get GDPR compliant. But as we look to unravel the regulation on a more granularly level, I also know how much more work we have to do.

Mark has worked in the charity sector for more than ten years. His firm is the only data protection practise which is a trusted supplier to members of the NCVO and work funded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation. He is also the Data Protection Officer for ten charities. Mark is a certified GDPR data practitioner having achieved a Merit in his studies endorsed by the Centre for Information Rights at the University of Winchester. His experience in the third sector means that his interpretations of the law are pragmatic, well thought through and more easily implemented. Mark is currently assisting charities here in the UK along with France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Turkey.

Jane Petit - CEO of Foothold

If we had to do it all again, would we, could we, should we?

Just over a year ago I took over the leadership of IET Connect and we began a process of discovery, to understand who we were as an organisation, what it was our audience wanted and how we connected with the world around us  – in essence, a review of IET Connect the brand. Along the way, we identified new beliefs and commitments, re-evaluated our relationships with our community and learned lessons – the main one being that the real work starts here!

So join me as I reflect on the last twelve months and our journey from the way we were to the way we want to be – Your Foothold Is here.

With 40+ years of experience in health and social care, Jane has worked in leadership positions in both national and local charities and worked as a member of advisory boards for both the DHSC and Royal College of Nursing. She started her career as a nurse in the field of cancer and palliative care working in the community, acute and specialist hospital settings. In the 90's she began working in project management and service development and moved to the charitable sector in 2000 leading strategic developments and major change programmes across the statutory and voluntary sectors. Since 2019 Jane has been the CEO of Foothold, The IET Benevolent Fund.

The ACO is grateful to the British Dental Association Benevolent Fund for supporting these events. 


February 2020

Grant Making Forum Feb 2020

Our Grant Making Forum held on Wednesday 26 February 2020 featured three speakers: Bob Browell, Counter Fraud Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, Mark Burnett, CEO of Hope & May International Data Protection Practitioners, and Jane Petit, CEO of Foothold. Presentations from the session can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.

December 2019

GMF November 2019

At our Grant Makers Forum on 25 November we had Piers French from AO, Rita Chadha from the Small Charities Coalition and Joe Howes from Buttle UK all come to speak to our member charities.

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
October 2019

GMF September 2019

Below are videos of all presentations recorded at the grant-making forum held on 11 September 2019.

June 2019

GMF June 2019

In June's meeting we had two presentations, Paul McAfee from Family Fund presents a case study in setting up and managing a grant-making fund for BBC's Children in Need, including planning and operational challenges, and Huw Evans from aQmen takes a look at the range of cyber risks we all face, strategies for mitigating the impact and how insurance can help.

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
April 2019

GMF February 2019

In this meeting we hear from four presenters - Shehnaaz Latif from NCVO speaks about impact assessments and change development - Peter Davenport from Definition introduces us to the ACO-led PR project - Dawn Jackson from Turn2Us showcases their 'Living Without' campaign for white goods funding - and Paul Mitchell provides valuable advice on how to manage your investment managers.

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
December 2018

GMF November 2018

This month we were pleased to welcome Fiona Wilson from The OT Practice who gave us an introduction to their network of occupational therapists and how charities might use the service. We also met senior executives from Connect Assist and three charity officers already using their helpline service who recounted their experience of implementing phone support.

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
September 2018

GMF - 12 September 2018

This month we heard from two new partner organisations providing free support to ACO charity members - The Cranfield Trust and The Money Advice Service. We also hosted a round-table discussion on charity fraud and its detection.

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
June 2018

GMF - 14 June 2018

Two presentations on the subject of safeguarding. The first, presented by Chris Rowse and Jane Klauber, outline the legal requirements for serious incident reporting, frameworks for governance for trustees, chief executive and operations staff, and how and when to use the disclosure and barring service. The second, from Sarah Carlick, provides details about the need for change, legislative requirements, types of abuse, and how to establish and build upon safeguarding frameworks within your own organisation.

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
February 2018

GMF - 27 Feb 2018

GDPR was the topic of this Grant Making Forum.

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
November 2017

GMF - 30th Nov 2017

The final meet-up for members in 2017 at the BDA was packed to the rafters. Family Fund presented on measuring impact and CAST presented on digital for benevolent funders. The slides are embedded in the videos.

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
September 2017

GMF - 11th Sept 2017

Details of the meeting & presentations to view & download

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
June 2017

GMF - 29th June 2017

Details of the meeting, including documents and presentations.

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
December 2016

GMF - 1st Dec 2016

Presentations from the meeting to view and download

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
September 2016

GMF - 15th Sept 2016

Presentations from the meeting to view and download

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
July 2016

GMF - 30th June 2016

Presentations from the meeting to view and download

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics
February 2016

GMF - 17th Feb 2016

Details of the meeting, including documents and presentations.

Grant Making Forum & Under Fives Meetings - Graphics