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Grant Making Forum September 2019

Our next Grant Making Forum will be held on Wednesday 11th September at the British Dental Association in London (11am-1pm), with the Under-fives group after lunch at 1:30pm.

The speakers at this forum include:

IE Brand – David Crichton, Creative Director and Brand Consultant, and Nick Gazard, Marketing & Communications Manager at Clergy Support Trust

Reconnecting with beneficiaries through brand and digital
How Sons and Friends of the Clergy became Clergy Support Trust.

Join IE Brand and Digital's Creative Director, Dave Crichton and Nick Gazard, Head of Marketing and Communications at Clergy Support Trust, to hear the story of how a 365-year-old benevolent charity, Sons and Friends of the Clergy, embarked on an ambitious project to rename, rebrand and build a new website. We'll discuss how we kept the rightly-cautious board of trustees on board, by undertaking a comprehensive research exercise, and how we translated user-led insight into compelling new messages and an arresting visual identity to build awareness. Finally, we'll talk about how we built the charity's new website, and how digitising your application processes can have a positive impact overnight...

Connect Assist – Ron Moodey, CEO

If you think helplines are limited; think again! This interactive session will discuss the ‘art of the possible’ for helplines, from technology to services. It will discuss the pros and cons of in-sourcing or outsourcing, or perhaps a balance of both working together, and explore the idea of an ACO helpline.

Reuse Network – Lesley Prescott, Head of Operations, and Peter Everett, CEO of Lighthouse Furniture

The Reuse Network speak about their work in encouraging the reuse of furniture and white goods to reduce poverty, tackle waste and offer a brighter future for the most isolated individuals in society.

The ACO is grateful to the British Dental Association Benevolent Fund for supporting these events.