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GroceryAid Back to work support

With turbulent conditions in the grocery industry, many have found themselves suddenly unemployed, facing redundancy or seeing their job role changed. GroceryAid works in partnership with Renovo to offer job search support to those in need within the industry.

Renovo have helped over 35,000 individuals on their way back into work with their confidential and tailored services. The support provides direction, structure and guidance to individuals in their search for work. Unexpectedly finding yourself out of work can be an incredibly distressing experience and amid all of the uncertainty, finding a route back to work can often be a struggle.

Once a user is registered they are assigned with a Personal Career Coach who provides unlimited support for up to three months. Coaching is delivered by telephone, email, Skype and a variety of social media channels. Each user has access to a job search and career management e-learning platform for a period of twelve months. Users can work through the online site in their own time.

Here's what a grocery colleague who recently used the Renovo service had to say: "The support started off on a basic level as I have never had to search for a job before. The support addressed my lack of confidence and lack of know-how. My coach always promoted independence and wanted me to deal with my issues and frustration whilst monitoring and coaching me in the background. I would most certainly recommend the support."

Source: GroceryAid